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      Veloine [ˈvelouin]; noun; female; artificial term made up of “velo” and “heroine”; synonym for fearless female cyclist.

      Veloine believe that cycling is a symbol of life. It’s endless roads that may take you anywhere. It’s knowing your limits - and pushing your boundaries. It’s falling off hard - and getting up again quickly. Some days you’re facing strong headwinds - other days you just roll with it. It’s pure joy. And it's pain. It’s excitement, happiness, struggle. It’s knowing that after every tough climb, there will come a descent that makes it all worth it. It’s the calm after the storm. It’s focus, resilience, passion. It’s what you are.

      Veloine is a new boutique brand for women cycling apparel, born 2019, blending high performance with contemporary design. Veloine was created for modern, female cyclists who are dedicated to performance, but care just as much about fashion. Their products are distinct yet unagitated; they are feminine but not girlie; their designs are eye-catching but do not scream for attention. They effortlessly underline who you are.

      Let's make cycling more female.

      Their premium quality products are created in Munich and manufactured in Italy using high-class Italian fabrics.