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      Swedish brand Sigr are based in the very north of Sweden. And as Swedes, they were raised with certain values. They were taught to take care of their surroundings and each other. Equality, democracy and sustainability is something which is taken for granted. But they know that is not the case elsewhere. That’s why they believe it's their duty and obligation to pass these values forward. 

      The Sigr motto "Everywhere is biking distance" pretty much nails it. If we can get more people to use a bicycle instead of a car, it creates a multi pronged attack on some of the largest problems today. Improving people's health and reducing pollution. Two of our guiding lights. We truly believe we will make a difference.

      Sigr own their own factory in China. They are in full control of who works and how they work. They are working on ways to use more recycled materials in their garments. Sigr is serious about being socially responsible. They know there is no planet B.