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      Casall is a Swedish company with a strong mission to create the best possible activewear and training tools on the market. From the very beginning they’ve understood the importance of balance in training and benefits to both body and mind.

      They believe that through training we can achieve the best version of ourselves.
      This is their Total Wellness concept and the thrust behind their holistic training philosophy; move your body, it will move your mind.


      A connection to humanity is at the heart of everything they do. And putting people first has a profound impact on the choices they make. From the products they create, to where they make them and how they are delivered. We choose consciously.


      Sustainability is mindful consumerism. It’s about awareness and transparency. And focusing on the long term. When they talk about conscious choices, they don’t just mean their growing collection of recycled, biodegradeable or all natural products. They also mean the small, daily decisions that make a difference to our self- preservation. We are talking about longevity. And the pursuit of total wellness; heart, body and soul.