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      Balega are proudly American and South African. Their global roots define who they are and how they operate. They allow them to access the finest quality running sock material, manufacturing and staff in the world.

      Balega believe in the spirit of Ubuntu. Ubuntu means 'shared humanity' in Zulu. At Balega, this is a calling. They dedicate themselves to enriching the lives of those less fortunate around the world. Every pair of Balega running socks you buy, help them to give back.

      Balega are passionate about their products and believe that their performance and fit characteristics make them unique to the UK market. They offer real benefits to athletes of all ages and abilities. All of their socks incorporate a handlinked seamless toe which eliminates abrasion across the top of the foot. They also knit an extra deep heel pocket, or “Fit Well”, ensuring that their socks fit the foot perfectly and don’t slide during activity.